Guide: How to outfit your Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler Inflatable Kayak for Fishing

Guide: How to outfit your Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler Inflatable Kayak for Fishing

One of the most common questions we get at Airkayaks after we sell a kayak is: What are these accessory mounts for?

The Blackfoot 130 and 160 kayaks are LOADED with them.  They have 9!

First things first, its easier to fish if you have a place to put your paddle.

Here is how to install the Yakattack Rotogrip Paddle Holder on the Blackfoot 130 Inflatable Fishing Kayak

When installing the Yakattack Rotogrip Paddle Holder on to the Blackwater 130 kayak you need to make sure you have the correct baseplate and be aware of correct bolt sizing. The rotogrip paddle holder is below.

Yakattack product require a Yakattack baseplate. A Scotty base will not work. There are a few different Yakattack bases on the market it may not be obvious which one to choose. 

The correct base is the Might Mount Switch. This base is for what Yakattack describes as old school deck mounts. Note this mount comes with 1-inch stainless steel bolts.

The one-inch bolts are too long for the kayak mounting pad. The kayak requires 7/8-inch bolts. To allow the 1-inch bolts to work in this application put the washers that come with the bolt before inserting to the bases. The washer prevents the bolt from going down in to the recessed hole.

Once you're finished with the paddle holder, lets go on to the next highest priority item: a place to keep your beverage.

Aquaglide Cupholder

This handy accessory works on Aquaglide kayaks and SUPs with Universal accessory mount fittings. Base mounts horizontally. Cupholder slides in and out of base with a center snap or mounts vertically on any MOLLE plate.  Pictures without your favorite *cold or *hot beverage.

Fishing Pole Holders:

Scotty #230 Powerlock Rod Holder

Scotty’s most popular value-priced, positive locking, open style Rod Holder. The Power Lock is designed with a universal cradle that holds virtually any reel type and has a front locking ring to prevent rod loss while traveling. Made from fiber reinforced engineering grade nylon, providing strength, resilience and reliability. The perfect multi-functional Rod Holder for a wide range of fish species and virtually any watercraft and rod setup.Other Accessory Mounts

Cell Phone Holder

We've found that Railblaza makes the best one in our opinion.

The RAILBLAZA Mobi Adjustable Device Holder is ready to secure your phone, GPS, VHF, EPIRB or other mobile devices. The Mobile Device Holder’s spring-loaded arms are sufficient for most applications, with neoprene rubber pads to give high gripping power. For extra peace of mind the adjustable, UV stabilized, urethane rubber retaining strap ensures your device goes nowhere, even in the most rugged environment.


Anchor release system for small boats in still-water fishing situations. Easy lock and release action allows anchor line adjustments with only one hand. Tough construction and roller bearing offers a smooth and quiet operation. For use with rope up to 1/2″ diameter.

A note about the screws: 7/8-20 is the correct size!

If mounting Scotty accessories like a pole holder, cup holder or an anchor lock, a Scotty Combination Side/Deck Mounting Bracket is needed. These do not come with bolts. Local hardware stores may only carry bolts in ¼ inch increments. If so a 3/4- inch bolt will be too small and a 1-inch bolt will require washers. In my case I put the washer between the scotty mount and the kayaks mounting surface.

This is my Kayak with the accessories mount.  

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