Airis Inflatable Kayaks and their Good Sport


Being one of the most-respected names in the water sports industry, Airis inflatable kayaks and stand up paddle boards rank among the very best and remain one of the most popular choices among enthusiasts. Their ease of use, lightweight body and convenient storage capabilities make Airis kayak models the preferred choice among both veteran and novice kayakers. The Airis Sport, with its included accessories of an adjustable seat, large rear skeg, high-pressure air pump, AirPack backpack and repair kit, garners high marks from both users and industry experts. What everyone seems to appreciate about the sleek model is:

  • Its easy maneuverability.  Enthusiasts point at its stability and impressive paddling capabilities.
  • Its user-friendly manner. Lightweight and compact, a deflated Airis Sport can be carried easily in a backpack;doesn't require two people to handle it and will even store in an indoor closet.
  • It's ability to set up quickly. Reviews say that the Airis Sport inflates and is ready to use in just about five minutes, allowing you more time on the water and less time working to get out there. 

The Sport is better set up for day trips as storage room is at a premium within the compact model but the low sides and high seating allows for a more comfortable paddling experience. 

Find out more about the Airis Sport model and other inflatable kayaks by shopping our extensive selection and get a free paddle with any Airis inflatable SUP purchase, while supplies last. 

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