Benefits of Stand Up Paddle Boards

If you've doubted the astronomical growth of stand up paddle boarding, you might want to check out the standing-room-only venues that our lakes and seas have become as of late. Just performing a Google query using the keyword "SUP" and you'll begin to grasp the growth of the newest trend in sports, both on water or land. SUP generates almost 185 million results. Using Google as a digital indicator of cultural and social trends, the growth in the water sport is glaringly obvious. With more and more participants, manufacturers have been compelled to create better and more innovative products for the sports enthusiasts. Understanding the need and desire to take their stand up paddle board to every local water playground possible, paddle board makers like Red Air and C4 Waterman developed the inflatable SUP.

Much like inflatable kayaks, inflatable paddleboards offer fans of paddle boarding a lightweight, convenient alternative. Because they can be deflated, these SUPs are highly transportable. With their own carrying totes, inflatable SUPs can fit in your trunk, on your back or stored on a boat. They also count as a carry on when traveling by air.

Being extremely lightweight, inflatable paddle boards are easily carried by one person; making them able to be used anytime and almost anywhere without the need of a second pair of hands. Deceptively light, inflatable types are also very durable. Made to be dependable upon the water, inflatable SUPs are surprisingly rugged with a strength that rivals their conventional counterpart.

Excited for where the sport is going and the innovations that come from customer demand, we at Air Kayaks encourage you to try out the sport that is gaining new participants on a daily basis. With an extensive collection of the best inflatable paddleboards, we are the trusted internet source for water sport gear. Buy now and receive a free paddle with almost every inflatable stand up paddle board purchase. 

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