BIC Sports Inflatable Kayaks - What's New for 2012

Bic Sport will be adding one more kayak to their inflatable line-up - the Kalyma 2 person.

The Kalyma features a more open design than the current BIC inflatable models, with various seating positions, allowing the kayak to be paddled solo or tandem. The kayak is suited for lakes, open seas and rivers.

The Kalyma 2 Tandem inflatable specs in at 11 feet in length, 37.4 inches wide, a weight of 33 lbs and a max payload of 440 lbs.

Other features include integrated rear water-resistant storage compartment, integrated drain valve (not to be confused with self-bailing), three inflatation chambers, a removable tracking fin and a skeg. Two removable and adjustable seats with storage pockets, carrying case, instructions, maintenance kit, pump and pressure gauge round out the package.

MSRP on the Kalyma is $539, and will be available in late 2011.

The Bic Sport lineup currently includes the Yakkair High Pressure Series in single and tandem, the Yakkair Lite Series also in single and tandem, as well as the newly released 1-3 person Nomad and the Yakkair High Pressure Fishing Tandem.

Prices on the Yakkair Lite series will remain the same for 2012, while the High Pressure Series will be increasing 4% to 9%.

Prices for 2012 include:

Yakkair Lite (Y1002) - $649
Yakkair Lite 2 (Y1003) - $799
Yakkair HP-1 (Y1000) - $949
Yakkair HP-2 (Y1001) - $1199
Yakkair HP-2 Fishing (Y1004) - $1199
Yakkair HP-3 Nomad (Y1005)- $1599
Kalyma 2 (Y1006) $539.

Looking for a BIC inflatable kayak? For a limited time, AirKayaks is offering free Cannon Cascade 230cm paddles with each BIC kayak purchase. This is a $59 value on the singles and a $118 value on the tandems - even more of a savings if you get one before the 2012 price increases!

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