Common Misconceptions About Inflatable Kayaks and Why They are Wrong

Over the past few years, more and more people are embracing inflatable kayaks, and there are several great reasons for this. As far as transportability goes, you won’t find a better option, and storage is easier than ever! However, there are several common misconceptions about inflatable kayaks.The following is a list of the the most frequent myths that we hear and the reasons why they are simply not true.

1. Inflatable kayaks pop easily - Nope! At Air Kayaks, we only sell the best and most durable products. Punctures can happen, but they aren’t common occurrences.

2. They won’t work for whitewater- Our inflatable whitewater kayaks are made specifically for whitewater situations, and they can perform just as well as their plastic counterparts. The best part is that generally inflatable kayaks are wider than hard-shell kayaks, so you can enjoy more stability on the waves.

3. They aren’t maneuverable and they don’t move fast enough- Our lightweight kayaks are designed to move quickly and track well, you won’t find a sluggish kayak here.

4. Inflatable kayaks are easy to flood- Just because inflatable kayaks are not enclosed, doesn’t mean they will flood easily, there are several self-bailing options available.

5. Inflatable kayaks take forever to inflate- When you use a hand pump, your kayak can be inflated and in the water in no time!

Don’t let these common misconceptions keep you from owning one of our amazing inflatable kayaks! We have so many great inflatable kayaks for sale, and we offer free shipping within the continental US on every order of $398 or more. Shop with us today!

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