New Advanced Element's Product Line-up for 2012.

We recently received updated information on Advanced Element's product line for the 2012 paddling season.

While there are no major changes, the new lineup includes the introduction of the Attack Inflatable Kayak - a self-bailing kayak designed specifically for whitewater (MSRP $639.99) - as well as new paddles, SUP accessories and price increases.

Beginning in 2012, customers can expect the manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) to increase from 5 to 8% on most products.

In the SUP paddle board arena, Advanced Elements is introducing a single action, high-volume, high pressure pump with an aluminum alloy shaft, making it much easier to inflate high pressure ISUPS and kite sails. MSRP $44.99.



Two new 2-pc breakdown SUP paddles will also be available in addition to the currently available SUP paddle. These include:

- Adaptour, an adjustable 170-210cm SUP paddle featuring a narrower tear-drop blade for less resistance and faster cadence paddling. MSRP $69.99

- Switchit adjustable 170-210cm fiberglass SUP paddle featuring two included blades, one a wide-surface power blade, the other a narrower high-cadence blade. MSRP $149.99

Two new kayaking paddles will include Advanced Element's first full carbon paddle, after the introduction of last year's Axis full-fiberglass paddle.

- Full carbon touring 4pc breakdown paddle 230cm weighing in at 30 ozs. MSRP $249.99

- Attack full carbon whitewater paddle, 2 pc breakdown, 215cm. MSRP $249.99

Expect to see the new products in early 2012.

While much of the current kayak line will remain the same, the StraitEdge Canoe AE1008 is being retired.

This past month, Advanced Elements also introduced three new products:

New MSRP kayak pricing beginning in 2012 is as follows:

  • AE1020  Firefly $239.99
  • AE1031  Lagoon $359.99
  • AE1033    Lagoon2 $499.99
  • AE1017  AdvancedFrame Sport $439.99
  • AE1012  AdvancedFrame $499.99
  • AE1009  Expedition $679.99
  • AE1007  Convertible $749.99
  • AE1006  StraitEdge $649.99
  • AE1014  StraitEdge2 $ 949.99
  • AE1040    AirFusion $859.99
  • AE1010  Hula 11 $849.99

Further details and information can be found in the upcoming months at %%GLOBAL_ShopPath%%/categories/Advanced-Elements/

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