New Cannon Nokomis CXL 4pc 230cm breakdown Carbon Paddle

A lightweight 230cm carbon paddle ideal for extended and day trips - it's like paddling air.
The Cannon Nokomis line is designed to reduce noise and blade flutter in the water. Its dihedral angle provides balance and strength so your paddling is practically effortless. The new Cannon Nokomis CXL blades are designed to keep you moving at an efficient rate. Made of a carbon-reinforced nylon polymer, the blades are stiffer and lighter than the traditional hybrid Nokomis, ensuring strength and longevity.

The Nokomis CXL is a great choice for touring, ideal for extended and day trips where you don't want your paddle to be your source of fatigue. At 33 oz., the swing weight is balanced so the weight is evenly distributed, making it easier to paddle. Each paddle is ovalized for user comfort as well as multiple feathering options. Enjoy your surroundings, it's probably the easiest paddle you'll use. 

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