How to Choose the Right SUP for You

With the ever-growing popularity of Stand up Paddle Boarding as a water sport, more and more enthusiasts are looking to take to lakes and oceans in a new position. Before much of the last decade, only surfers dared to stand on the water in the quest of exciting water adventures. Now, millions of Americans have found the refreshing, stress-free activity of paddle boarding and are loving it in droves. In 2012, more than 9.5 million Americans dared to paddle while standing and more are joining those ranks everyday. For those thinking of jumping on their own paddle board but don't know where to start, we offer these basic tips.

Try it out before you actually invest. Rent a SUP before you make the commitment to buy. Stand up paddle boards can be fairly expensive. Go to a demo event day if possible and try out different boards at different lengths and with a variety of paddles to find that one that suits you. Different boards offer different benefits. The type of water that you'll be traversing, your height, weight and fitness level and your experience with watersports in general will all help determine which type or style of board that is right for you. These include:

  • Boards for surf. Generally shorter in length and turn easier than others.
  • Family recreation boards. those that are fairly durable and are wider than others. 
  • Cruising boards. Often your longer boards, these SUP's sometimes include spaces for storage.
  • Fitness and race boards. More experienced paddlers often choose these narrow boards when desiring more speed.
  • Yoga boards. Wide stable boards with full deck pads for better grip. Better for those who like to change up positions.

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