How to Get Up on Your Inflatable SUP: Tips for Beginners

When you first venture out on an inflatable SUP, the first challenge you'll encounter is getting to your feet. For some beginners, this is a difficult first step, while others don't have problems making it happen. If you are heading out on an inflatable SUP for the first time or have had problems in the past, these tips from Air Kayak can help you get to your feet and paddling like a pro in no time: 

  1. Find the right entry point. You'll want to make sure you are putting your inflatable SUP in the water somewhere that's calm. No waves, and avoid the wind if you can. You'll want to be in about knee deep water to get your fin in the water and give you some cushion to land on if you fall in. 
  2. Place your paddle across the board just ahead of the carry handle. 
  3. Start by kneeling on the board. Get up on the board by placing one knee on and then the other. Starting in the kneeling position is a good way to get familiar with your board and paddling, and it's a safe position to take if you hit rough water. 
  4. From the kneeling position, lift one knee and put your foot where the knee was. Repeat on the other side, then stand up from this squatting position. 
  5. Start paddling as soon as you can. Paddling helps make your board more stable and gets you moving! 

You may need to try it a time or two, but you'll be on your inflatable SUP and paddling in no time. Remember that Air Kayak offers the inflatable SUP boards you need for all your water adventures. Check out our online store and place an order today!

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