Welcome The Warmth With Your Very Own Inflatable SUP

Have you been itching to get out in the sunshine all winter long? Are you the type of person that would rather be having adventures out on the lake than watching TV on your couch? Then you are going to love to shop with us here at Air Kayaks! We are your premier source for excitement this summer and every summer to follow. Enjoy the warmth and the waves in a whole new way with your very own inflatable SUP (stand up paddle board).

There is no better companion to take with you on the water than an inflatable paddle board from Air Kayaks. We offer a wide variety and great prices on all of our high quality paddle boards. If you are looking for an incredible board that will work on all kinds of water then you will love the 2014 Red Air Allwater Inflatable Paddle Board. If you want an unparalleled amount of control and directional stability then you are going to really enjoy the three tracking fins that make this an unbeatable board. What makes this board truly unique is it’s double layer construction. This is virtually a board within a board, which will add lots of durability and strength to your adventures.

The days are growing longer and the sun is starting to come out once again, and if you want to celebrate each and every adventure this summer, there is no better way to do it than with one of our inflatable stand up paddle boards. We offer jaw dropping deals on our high quality products. We are truly your go to online store to buy paddling gear and more. Shop with us today. 

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