What's SUP in the Water Sports World

Where experts and enthusiasts may argue the sport's history and origins, one inarguable point is the incredible recent growth of stand up paddle boarding and its obvious increase in popularity. Though some would say that athletes have been using some sort of paddle boards to stand and move upon water for centuries, the practice saw little use until earlier in the 21st century. Added to the Buffalo Big Board Contest in 2003, stand up surfing began its stellar upward trend and within just 10 years, the sport of stand up paddle boarding earned the most first-time participants of any sport in the United States. 

Making its way from Waikiki to the mainland, through California's sunny coastal towns, stand up paddle boarding continues to gain fans in both salt and freshwater water sources. In 2011 alone, more than 1.2 million people dared to stand, and move, on water - an increase of almost 20% in just one year. Apparently, lakes and oceans have become standing-room-only venues for those water-loving athletes looking for a great workout while enjoying the surrounding scenery. Stand up paddle boarding enthusiasts reportedly took to the water more than 9.5 million times during 2012. 

SUP board users aren't the only ones enjoying the sport. Kayak and water sport gear dealers are loving what SUP's are bringing to their bottom line. Sales of both traditional and inflatable SUP's helped the sector increase store revenues at an average of 15-20% in 2012. Costing about $1100 a board, the popularity of SUP has retailers diving in the burgeoning industry. 

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