Where to Take Your Inflatable Paddle Board

There are so many adventures to be had when you are equipped with your very own inflatable paddle board, you just have to know where to find them. At AirKayaks.com, our goal is to not only help you to find the very best gear, but also to help you to find the best spots to use that gear. That is why we have come up with this list of our favorite spots for stand up paddleboarding:

●Hot Springs, Lake Tahoe- Take a trip along Crystal Bay and enjoy the breathtaking sights, and when it is all done, you can warm up by the Brockway Hot Springs.

●Half Moon Bay, California- Although this is the spot for Maverick’s famous surf contest, when you head out in the fall or the summer, you can enjoy a lazy trip with gentle winds and waves.

●Mission Bay, San Diego- Ever thought about combining stand up paddleboarding with yoga? This trip through the Mission Bay Aquatic Center allows you enjoy the best of both worlds, but be ready to swim because it isn’t always easy to do the dancer pose while you are trying to balance on your board.

●Jamaica Bay, New York- Imagine paddling along grasslands while you take in the New York City skyline. That is exactly what you get when you head out to Jamaica Bay. The best part is that you can stop for an authentic NYC slice of pizza on your way home!

●Florida Keys- The Cowkey Channel along the Florida Keys allows you to experience incredible wildlife, including barracudas, rays, manatees, octopus and a wide variety of birds. 

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