Your Guide To Buying Paddling Gear

Here at, your online source for high-quality, portable inflatable kayaks, canoes, standup paddleboards and accessory products as well as inflatable kayak reviews, you will find new, used, liquidation and closeout inflatables and gear. Our customers are not a name buried in a stack of electronic sales - each customer has a unique situation and need. Today we’re exploring some of those needs by offering a quick guide to help you buy paddling gear.

Kayak paddles range from about 210cm to 260cm in length. The correct size for you depends on your paddling style, your height and the width of your boat. We invite you to call us if you’re confused by any of this.

What’s your style?

Low-angle paddling: This is a relaxed style with a slower cadence, offering efficiency on longer trips.

High-angle paddling: This has a more aggressive style with a faster cadence, preferred in moving water where acceleration and maneuverability are important.

What’s your height and boat width?

With hard shell kayaks, the taller the paddler, the longer the paddle that is needed. For example, a 6'2" paddler with a 26" wide boat would want a 230cm long paddle for low-angle paddling; a 5' tall paddler with the same-width boat would be happier with a 220cm paddle.

With inflatables, the scenario changes. As most inflatable boats are wider, a 230cm to 240cm paddle is always recommended.

In our next blog post, we’ll discuss blade materials, blade design, and blade shaft. Remember, always carry a spare or you might literally find yourself up a creek without a paddle. A take-apart paddle makes an inexpensive spare that could save you serious time and grief should the unexpected happen. 

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