2021 Red Paddle Co 11'3
2021 Red Paddle Co 11'3
2021 Red Paddle Co 11'3
2021 Red Paddle Co 11'3
2021 Red Paddle Co 11'3
2021 Red Paddle Co 11'3
2021 Red Paddle Co 11'3
2021 Red Paddle Co 11'3
2021 Red Paddle Co 11'3
2021 Red Paddle Co 11'3
2021 Red Paddle Co 11'3
2021 Red Paddle Co 11'3
2021 Red Paddle Co 11'3
2021 Red Paddle Co 11'3
2021 Red Paddle Co 11'3
2021 Red Paddle Co 11'3
2021 Red Paddle Co 11'3
2021 Red Paddle Co 11'3
2021 Red Paddle Co 11'3
2021 Red Paddle Co 11'3
2021 Red Paddle Co 11'3
2021 Red Paddle Co 11'3
2021 Red Paddle Co 11'3
2021 Red Paddle Co 11'3

2021 Red Paddle Co 11'3" SE Sport RSS Inflatable SUP Paddle Board

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Length 11 ft 3 in, Width 32 in


21 lbs board only


Touring, All Around

A mid-sized board providing the perfect balance between speed, function and comfort - slightly larger for bigger paddlers! Now in an eye-catching special edition color scheme. Winner of Outdoor Ma...


Winner of Outdoor Magazine's 2017 Gear of the Year Award in the Standup Paddle Board category! Red Paddle Co's Sport 11'3" RSS iSUP is perfectly positioned between the smaller Rides and larger 12'6" shapes - it's faster to paddle than the smaller boards, and easier to pump up than the longer models. In conjunction with the revolutionary RSS Rocker Stiffening System and a thicker 120mm material, the 11 foot 3-inch length with 32 inch beam provides great glide as well as stability.

The Rocker Stiffening System (RSS) was designed to increase rigidity - it works by inserting stiffening strips (battens) along the rails of the board. This works against the downward force of the rider, producing a stiffer board. The battens are removable for easy board rolling, and can be stored in the carry bag. While some inflatable boards flex uncontrollably in the water, Red Paddle's 18-20 PSI super-stiff, double layer construction holds firm and allows you to travel with confidence.

The Red Paddle Sport 11-3 inflatable paddle board's thicker 120mm material is more buoyant and 20% stiffer than a 100mm board at the same pressure, meaning a rider can obtain greater stiffness at lower pressure without affecting the ride and performance - or stiffer performance at higher pressure. And with the added RSS rocker stiffening system, the Sport 11'3" becomes one of the stiffest boards of this size ever produced.

The Red Paddle Sport 11'3" utilizes a low-profile, US box fin system supplied with a fin designed for straight-line control - just the right amount of grip without adding drag. The included fin uses the FCS Connect Tool-less System for fast setup and removal with no tools or bolt necessary, now with a retaining pin. The new fins have a specially-designed, wear-resistant barrel with a corrosion-resistant titanium pin mechanism incorporated into the base.

All Red Paddle inflatable paddle board models are constructed using Monocoque Structural Laminate (MSL) fusion technology. This innovative new process involves fusing a second layer of polymer to the drop-stitch material in the raw material stage. The end result is a higher-quality, high-pressure material utilizing less glue; this reduces the weight of each board up to 20% while increasing the tension and making the boards slightly more rigid.

Integrated threads on the nose allow the attachment of optional RAM and Railblaza mounts, allowing the paddler to add numerous accessories such as camera attachments, GPS, phone and fishing rod holders.

For 2021, the Red Paddle board design has been streamlined and the graphics updated.

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The Red Paddle Sport 11'3" is great for gliding across bays, lakes, up rivers and tackling small waves. The slightly larger build is perfect for bigger paddlers up to 242 lbs. It's the perfect cruiser!



Features include:

  • Removable fin system utilizing US Fin Box. Comes with fin designed for straight-line control.
  • PVC board material with high-grade, double-thread internal drop stitching
  • Double layer construction featuring a "board within a board". This adds massive strength, stiffness, consistent shape and durability.
  • Side rails with four layers of taping - maintains the boards shape, stiffness and air tight qualities. Four times thicker than many ISUPs!
  • Special "air block" membrane eliminates air leakage
  • Rear D-ring for leash
  • Flat bungee cargo system with 6-point attachments.
  • Super traction, non-slip EVA deck pad.
  • Ergonomic tubular handles for greater comfort.
  • Thick 120mm material (20% stiffer)!
  • Featuring the RSS Rocker Side Stiffening System.
  • Built using Red Tec Air specification.
  • Extended deck pads
  • Two year warranty extended to 5 year warranty if the board is registered within 3 months of purchase. Registration can be done at https://redpaddleco.com/en-us/register/

Specifications & Bundles


  • Length: 11’ 3”
  • Width: 32”
  • Thickness: 120mm, 4.72 inches
  • Volume 258 liters
  • Weight: 21 lbs board only
  • Max payload: 242 lbs/110 kg.

Changes from the previous model include:

  • Sport Speed Tail: The rubberized edge on the tail is a revolutionary new water release system to increase speed on the water.
  • Softened Silhouette: The tip and tail outline have been softened up slightly.
  • Extended deck pads increase comfort and grip while providing a cleaner look.
  • New RSS Battens. Now in a day-glo orange color scheme (so they are easy to find), the battens are constructed from a recyclable polycarbonate that is durable and can be easily coiled. This ensures that the battens don't break if someone attempts to roll the board up without removing the battens. This also makes them slightly easier to install.
  • The diamond-cut rear provides extra stability for performing step back turns or for riding in bigger waves.
  • The cargo net system on the nose was replaced with three self-closing bungee straps (called the Flat Bungee Cargo System) which are larger, creating more tension to keep all your gear on your board!
  • Ergonomic tubular handles on all boards now give a cushioned, comfortable grip.
  • Graphics have been updated with a more streamlined, cohesive look. This includes color-coded valves to match the decks.
  • New Titan 2 Pump. Available with 2021 boards only. The Titan was redesigned to make the pump more portable including a smaller profile with fold-up feet, slide out handles and nested pressure gauge. A slightly taller, sleeker and more powerful barrel that allows one to roll up the boards into a smaller package.

The Red Paddle Co Sport 11'3 comes complete with the All-Terrain roller backpack, repair kit, instructions, fin, RSS battens, cell phone case and special Red Paddle Co Titan 2 hand pump with pressure gauge, which makes large volume inflation to 18-20 PSI easier, leaving you more time to paddle. Once you try a Red, you'll love it - the proof is in the paddling.


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