Choosing a Kayak

There are a number of issues you may wish to consider when selecting a kayak. Some of these include:

  • Do you want the ability to paddle with another person (tandem), do you wish to paddle solo or do you want both options.
  • What type of water conditions will you typically encounter. Coastal, ocean, calm lakes, swells, whitewater, surf, moving rivers, etc.
  • What size kayak do you need; what is your size and height
  • Will you be carrying a lot of paddling gear
  • Do you plan on long excursions, short paddles or all-day use
  • What type weather or water temperatures will you be paddling in. Do you want the ability to use a spray skirt or do you prefer a more open design?
  • Do you need a self-bailing option
  • What weight, length of kayak do you feel comfortable carrying around.
  • What are your storage options
  • Do you prefer more of a canoe-type paddle (sitting up higher from the water) or an enclosed type kayak that is lower in the water.
  • Do you want a “pump-up-and-go” type kayak, or are you more detail-oriented and willing to spend more time setting a kayak up.


To make this easy on our customers - we have developed our Airkayaks Find My Kayak Quiz.

You can also read two articles we've put together to help you out.

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