Airkayaks: Guide to selecting a tandem inflatable kayak (13 ft to 16 ft options)

At Airkayaks, we get asked all the time - what 2 person inflatable kayak should we buy?

In this guide, we are going to segment the 2 person (tandem) inflatables to those that are 13 - 16 feet long in size. The kayaks under this range will be discussed in another guide.  The reason why is that most kayaks in the smaller size range are specifically value and entry level oriented and there are less feature and model choices to consider.


In the 13 to 16 foot size range, the first thing to discuss is price. Most of these kayaks will be $899 to $1699 in price. We know that is a big range, and we will be detailing the differences for what you can expect at each end of the price spectrum.

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