Amp Up Your Summer With Inflatable Kayaks for Sale

Are you looking for a new adventure this summer? We all love to hike, bike and enjoy all of the other dry-land activities that summer has to offer, but if you are looking for a great excuse to get out on the water, then you are in the right place. At Air Kayaks we offer a wide variety of high quality inflatable kayaks for sale.

Are you looking for a kayak that you can enjoy with someone else? Many kayaks are built for one, so even if you have incredible adventures you won’t have anyone else to experience them with you. If you want to take a friend, a spouse or any other loved on your kayaking excursion, we have just the solution. We are proud to offer the Demo Blue Maxxon Cayman II Inflatable Kayak System. This was designed to work well for either tandem or solo paddling, whichever you choose.It issturdy enough to use in a variety of bodies of water, it is even capable of handling rougher water situations. The Cayman II comes with seats, a carrying case, a pump and break-down paddles, and it is incredibly easy to store in the trunk of your car. The very best part about this amazing kayak is that you can get it here for $70 off!

We are your source for everything you need to have a blast this summer. From the very best inflatable canoes and kayaks to inflatable paddle boards, when you shop with us, your summer will be anything but boring! We offer great deals and free continental US ground shipping on every order of $398 or more. Shop with us today. 

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